parajumpers woman Scan Asteroids and Build Stations

parajumpers daunen Scan Asteroids and Build Stations

Typhoons are considered the best anti corvette missiles. Fast and maneuverable enough to hit a corvette, is a swarm to avoid getting shot down by the pesky beam turrets, and does 8x30k damage (just over 1 200 MJ shield if 7 of 8 hit). Corvettes are loaded with 5×200 MJ shields, so spam 5 missiles per corvette and you’re probably done. You can also consider getting a different M7. I’m actually surprised you couldn’t handle 5 corvettes at a time. If you get one that can mount IBLs or PPCs in the front, you’ll easily out range the corvettes (and probably kill one with one charged up barrage).

Missles are the way to go. Typhoons, wasps for the M5 fighters because they are so fast and some tempests maybe for fun. An M7 should work. Maybe make your own typhoon missle factories. They are expensive but sell really well. Tempests and wasps sell well also. The problem with M7M flail missles is that after they destroy the enemy they start to hit friendly targets. Most people end of making their own flails and hammers to reduce the cost. They also sell really well. If you go into capturing ships it also makes it much more economical and convienent.

the first time i went at this mission, i had a panther in Argon148 when i accepted the mission. i tried to scan the asteroids in my M3. there were not a lot of fighters but more than i was comfortable with so i jumped my panther in for support. got the asteroids scanned and then entered in to my panther. that is when the real fun began. i dont know how many corvettes i destroyed, how many TLs were lost, and i even lost track of time, but i was on this mission for at least 2 3 hours. i was never under threat of dying but there were too many enemies spread out everywhere for me to intercept all of them. eventually i accidentally jumped across to the east gate at the wrong time and blew up a boron TL so i was essentially protecting an enemy. reload.

so i build my fleet up a bit, i got a tiger from a return ship mission, couple of m6’s and i put 4 laser towers in the middle of the sector. i put my m6’s near the last asteroid. with a higher fight rank, and my panther in argon148 i get in to a kestrel and accept the mission,
parajumpers woman Scan Asteroids and Build Stations
i fly in to the sector and have my panther jump in and move to position while i scan the asteroids. once finished, i hurry to my panther to prepare. this time instead of staying in the panther i get in to a Skate Proto. this way i can swat the flies near the TL while everything else deals with the corvettes. well. there never were any corvettes. in fact the mission went from impossible to boring for me. i could have done the whole thing in my skate with nothing for support.

anyway, all the support ships and laser towers are still there. i have not done the next mission yet, i have been doing other things. the whole time i have had an eye on the sector and it has been relatively quiet. but now i have decided to come back and do the next mission, i jump in to unknown sector to pick up my panther, because i want it in argon148 to make the mission somewhat challenging. so i am cruising along and all of a sudden a bunch of fighters spawn right on top of my tiger in the sector. nothing big, but just lot. i figure no big deal, the tiger is loades with flak so it should take care of them. then area of effect bug struck so i had to jump out of sector. but before i had done so, a couple of other swarms had spawned in to other areas of the sector.

Use spectre missiles to the clusters that havent unfolded, cut ur egines a bit infront of the TL and for aprox 6 first waves, u use 1 single SSC and pick down the incomings before they reach the TL, meanwhile a load of corvettes spawn around the TL or close to, this wil be handles by the slower m7’s,
parajumpers woman Scan Asteroids and Build Stations
be prepeared to chuk out a lasertower or two if theyr getting buried in incomings. just keep clearing al the fighter waves that keeps coming and the mission is over after a good 30 mins combat saves are ur friend.